Grotto Canyon - Gurl Guide Style

Ever since living and working in BC, I seem to need more time immersed in nature. I've taken a few short winter hikes lately to try to alleviate this desire and break up the long quiet days at home. On Family Day, I found myself carefully strolling up Grotto Canyon's icy creek bed with Ian Busby and the Canmore based adventure/comedy videographers Mia Mucci & Randi Wardle (Aka "Gurl Guides").  Admittedly, I may not have attempted this hike on my own accord given the sheer ice and my lack of proper footwear, (I didn't want to fall, and boy did I ever) but it was completely worth it. The pictographs, frozen waterfall, and caverned gravel formations make for a short hike with a lot of character. Be sure to subscribe to the Gurl Guide's YouTube channel to see the upcoming video, which I'm sure will feature slow motion cuts of our epic icy falls. :)