Taking advantage of the summer meant a 8 hour drive to inner BC, to a rustic cabin on Shuswap Lake. It felt great to get away, and change up my environment.  I love that feeling when you know you are hundreds of miles away from home.  Travel of any kind has always lifted my spirits, even if its just for a few days.  I spent most of my time on my folks boat, and swimming, with the nights and early mornings dedicated to editing photos and feeling inspired by the new surroundings. I loved the light streaming through the windows first thing in the morning. 

The chance to get out of town came at a most opportune moment. Feeling overwhelmed with changes in my personal life and work I finally realized last minute that there was no reason not to go.  It was a relief to be too far away from reality to worry about much of anything.  On the drive home I found myself recharged, and ready to face the world.  I almost couldnt wait to get back.  As if I had just  woken up from a good sleep and a pleasant dream refreshed and renewed.