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Whirly Bird - "Relax" - My First Music Video

I’m so damn excited to share this with you all.

Last January my resolution for 2018 was to shoot more video. So when my friend Whirly Bird asked me to come to Tofino to shoot a music video for her, I jumped at the chance. I was up front with her that I had never shot a music video before and was only starting to mess around with video editing software. But for some reason, she had faith in me. And boy, am I glad she did.

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Basically since spring hit, I had been happily on the go taking on a variety of photo and graphic work for new (and return) clients! But when things started to slow down to a normal pace again, I jumped at the chance to have a fully creative shoot with my lovely friend Janel. As much as I love conventional approaches to portraiture, I am always looking for new ways to add interesting and dreamlike elements…

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Profile - On The Bones

As I walked into Slaughterhouse Studios to meet with emerging band "On The Bones", I got hit with a rush of nostalgia fuelled envy. How I wish I had known more about this place back when I was still playing in a band! A Slaughterhouse rep welcomed me, and seemed to know that I was coming. He walked me through a dark room with high ceilings that looked like a small private rock club…

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Profile - Elizabeth Hoogveld

While vacationing in Scotch Creek, my little sister indulged me in a quick spontaneous photo shoot.  She's 17, gorgeous, and one of the coolest people I know.  Musically talented, Elizabeth shines on piano and flute.  Surprisingly mature and intelligent for her age, my baby sis has a tendency to make me feel like she is the older one.  (She's 10 years younger!) 

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Taking advantage of the summer meant a 8 hour drive to inner BC, to a rustic cabin on Shuswap Lake. It felt great to get away, and change up my environment.  I love that feeling when you know you are hundreds of miles away from home.  Travel of any kind has always lifted my spirits, even if its just for a few days.  I spent most of my time on my folks boat, and swimming, with the nights and early mornings dedicated to editing photos and feeling inspired by the new surroundings…

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