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Tofino - End of the Road

One of my favourite things about the photographers life, is often ending up in places you may have never gone, doing things you’d rarely expect. Me being a naturally anxious person however can make this quite interesting. On August 24th, I’m boarding a plane to Tofino to work on an awesome and uncharted project (that I can’t wait to share with you all, by the way), and I’m hella nervous. Excited! But trying to calm my worrisome mind by attempting to envision the finished project, and how I can accomplish it.

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Grotto Canyon - Gurl Guide Style

Ever since living and working in BC, I seem to need more time immersed in nature. I've taken a few short winter hikes lately to try to alleviate this desire and break up the long quiet days at home. On Family Day, I found myself carefully strolling up Grotto Canyon's icy creek bed with Ian Busby and the Canmore based adventure/comedy videographers Mia Mucci & Randi Wardle (Aka "Gurl Guides")…

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The Crash

For the past few months I've been experiencing an urge to connect with nature, and the physical world.  I've been shooting a lot of film trying to amend this.  In many ways I suppose I am seeking out things that are grounded, and palpable.  More rooted into reality than simply 1's and 0's.   Much of my life is in free fall, and I am unsure of where anything will land.  A few months ago I felt compelled to take a late night drive that ended in a farmers field in the middle of nowhere, with a totalled car.  The accident, which luckily no other vehicle was involved in, literally put me on my back…

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Profile - Elizabeth Hoogveld

While vacationing in Scotch Creek, my little sister indulged me in a quick spontaneous photo shoot.  She's 17, gorgeous, and one of the coolest people I know.  Musically talented, Elizabeth shines on piano and flute.  Surprisingly mature and intelligent for her age, my baby sis has a tendency to make me feel like she is the older one.  (She's 10 years younger!) 

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Taking advantage of the summer meant a 8 hour drive to inner BC, to a rustic cabin on Shuswap Lake. It felt great to get away, and change up my environment.  I love that feeling when you know you are hundreds of miles away from home.  Travel of any kind has always lifted my spirits, even if its just for a few days.  I spent most of my time on my folks boat, and swimming, with the nights and early mornings dedicated to editing photos and feeling inspired by the new surroundings…

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