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Whirly Bird - "Relax" - My First Music Video

I’m so damn excited to share this with you all.

Last January my resolution for 2018 was to shoot more video. So when my friend Whirly Bird asked me to come to Tofino to shoot a music video for her, I jumped at the chance. I was up front with her that I had never shot a music video before and was only starting to mess around with video editing software. But for some reason, she had faith in me. And boy, am I glad she did.

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The Crash

For the past few months I've been experiencing an urge to connect with nature, and the physical world.  I've been shooting a lot of film trying to amend this.  In many ways I suppose I am seeking out things that are grounded, and palpable.  More rooted into reality than simply 1's and 0's.   Much of my life is in free fall, and I am unsure of where anything will land.  A few months ago I felt compelled to take a late night drive that ended in a farmers field in the middle of nowhere, with a totalled car.  The accident, which luckily no other vehicle was involved in, literally put me on my back…

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