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First Cut

My resolution this year was to start shooting more video and learn a bit of editing. So when my niece Freya wanted to celebrate her birthday by going to the Tyrell Museum in Drumheller, I thought it might be a chance to start taking some footage. I was surprised how difficult it was to keep a steady hand and manually focus quickly. (You'll see what I mean.) When I got home, I started cutting the video and throwing some pieces together, and next thing I knew several hours had disappeared. I always suspected video might be a whole other world that would be easy to get lost in for large periods of time, which is why I think I waited to long to delve into it. But I think I'm ready to get lost in something new. :)

Special thanks to my family for always being supportive of my camera in their faces. They are and always will be my greatest inspiration. <3

Song: Cat Power - "The Greatest"


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My Newest "Blended Memories" Piece

Russell Family Vacation - 2017 (Commissioned "Blended Memories" Piece)

The lovely Russell family commissioned one of my "Blended Memories" pieces using their awesome Hawaii photos. The final image above was blended together in Photoshop from approximately 15 images provided by the family. This was one of my favourite pieces to work on, and I absolutely love how it turned out. Thanks again to the Russell family for commissioning this piece!

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"Blended Memories" Commissions Now Available

Hello friends,

With the Christmas season quickly approaching, I've decided to make my "Blended Memories" pieces available to be commissioned as personalized gifts. :) Last year I had the pleasure of creating the image above using approximately 12 photos from this family's summer vacation. This same process can be used with any theme, such as a family tree, a special event, or season.

How it Works:

- You send me 15-20 of your own images (the higher the resolution the better, and the photos must be owned by you).

- I blend the photos into a lovely one-of-a-kind collage or scene, based on the theme of your choosing.

- I send the collage back to you both as a high resolution digital photo (for printing), and as a smaller ready for web sized digital photo!


A "Blended Memories" piece starts at $128. This covers approximately 8-10 hours of editing time, including up to 2 changes once it's complete (if required).

SPACE IS LIMITED! Please email me using the form below ASAP if you are interested. :)


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When Being Too Headstrong Becomes a Roadblock

"The Path to Enlightenment" - A digital collage created with 4-5 images. - 2016

People who know me, know that I am not the most flexible person in the world. I got that dang "fixed" personality type. I know what I want, and I like things done a certain way. (Don't I sound like a hoot?) Over the last year and a half however due to the economic changes in Calgary, I've had to become pretty flexible with the kinds of creative jobs I take on. I felt I needed more marketable skills in order to keep moving forward, so I opened myself up to new kinds of opportunities like graphic design and web layout. I would say I've actually been bringing in just as much graphic design work as photography these days, and I love the new challenge. It seemed like a natural progression for me, so why did it take these difficult economic times to get me there?

I've noticed I'm not alone in these strange times, and have seen many people reinventing and realigning themselves. We are all finding out what we're made of as we hit this bump in the road, and it has given us a chance to think about what we really want to be doing with our careers. It would appear that those who are the most flexible are best at rolling with these punches. Maybe we all needed a fresh perspective, and an opportunity to become more efficient. I know I did. It's easy to become complacent when the dollars are rolling in. So what's left standing when things get a little rough? Ultimately, I think we all just want to feel purposeful and positive about what we do 8 hours a day. So when you have to adapt, why not see it as an opportunity to aim for what you truly want?

I know for me, getting laid off from my oil and gas job in January of 2016 was a chance for me to make big changes. I had fallen into the industry 5 years prior, and I was terrified of that too. It turned out to be an awesome learning experience, but eventually I felt something was missing for me within it. It felt important for me to know that I could work a corporate job if I ever needed to, but also good to know it didn't quite feel right. Since then I promised myself to seek out something that did feel right for me, and it's led me to some very cool job opportunities (such as spending an awesome summer shooting for a white water rafting company). My purse strings may be tighter nowadays, but I feel way happier knowing I'm aiming towards something more genuine. Even so, I can't help but wonder why it took me getting laid off for me to realize making this change was past due.

I've always known I wanted to be my own boss, and although I still feel like I'm searching for that one creative niche I can really sink my teeth into, this last year has helped me entertain a lot of new ideas. For example I've started using my skills to assist small businesses and artists to market themselves. It turns out helping people figure out what they want, and how they want to be seen is incredibly rewarding, especially since I've struggled with the same issues. It's an important lesson for a headstrong person like me. How sometimes the only thing that's holding us back from a new opportunity is our own belief that a something is "not for us", too difficult, too unfamiliar, etc. and how sometimes it's these difficult times that can shake us loose from these roadblocking beliefs. Take it from someone who's had to find their way to certain ideas by taking huge detours that exhaust all the others. Being too headstrong in your "vision", can become the roadblock that holds you back from an amazing opportunity.

Thinking here goes nothing, could be the start of everything.
— Drew Wagner
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Andrea + Devin - Jasper Dream Wedding <3
May you have the love only two can know.
May you go where only two as one may go.
May the sun rise and set in your bonded hearts
and the moon never find you too long apart.
May you cherish each other’s dreams as your own
and turn stumbling blocks into steppingstones.
May you brave life’s mountains and miles together.
May there be no storm your love cannot weather.
May you be lovers and allies and friends.
May your soul’s conversation never end.
May you capture on earth what’s in heaven above.
May your hearts know the rapture of an uncommon love.
— Terah Cox
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Grotto Canyon - Gurl Guide Style

Ever since living and working in BC, I seem to need more time immersed in nature. I've taken a few short winter hikes lately to try to alleviate this desire and break up the long quiet days at home. On Family Day, I found myself carefully strolling up Grotto Canyon's icy creek bed with Ian Busby and the Canmore based adventure/comedy videographers Mia Mucci & Randi Wardle (Aka "Gurl Guides").  Admittedly, I may not have attempted this hike on my own accord given the sheer ice and my lack of proper footwear, (I didn't want to fall, and boy did I ever) but it was completely worth it. The pictographs, frozen waterfall, and caverned gravel formations make for a short hike with a lot of character. Be sure to subscribe to the Gurl Guide's YouTube channel to see the upcoming video, which I'm sure will feature slow motion cuts of our epic icy falls. :)

Happy Valentines Day

My studio has been a bit neglected as of late, as I've been mostly working on graphic design projects. Decided to shoot a still life today, inspired by the holiday and some Van Gogh paintings I saw in a book recently. Happy Valentines Day to all! :)

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The Dark Time - How I learned to Ask For help

About a year ago, I came up against a wall that didn't seem to want to budge no matter how I came at it. I was depressed and unsatisfied with my life, and I found that no matter how much work, or distractions, or weekend getaways, or glasses of wine I had, I never seemed to feel any more fulfilled. I never seemed to be moving forward. The thing about depression is, that it can sneak up on you, and surround you like a thick fog. So much so, that you forget that it's possible for things to be better. You forget how to hope, and you don't always realize how your own behaviour is affecting those around you. Looking back now, I can see that I was completely lost in that fog. At the time, all I knew was if I didn't start making some changes now, things would only get worse.

So what does one do with this information? First off, I had to admit that I needed some help. I couldn't seem to calm my mind enough to think logically anymore. I felt like I was constantly running away from one thing or another. I needed to learn to cope with my reality. Secondly, I decided to take at least a 6 month break from alcohol. If I was going to learn to deal with my emotions head on, I would have to do it without my good friend the wine bottle.

I was lucky enough to find an amazing counsellor who I instantly connected with, and who made me feel completely safe. He would listen carefully and gently encourage me, slowly unraveling the panic that shrouded my eyes. He didn't talk often, but when he did, he would touch his fingertips to his heart and speak with such clarity and compassion that it made me start to feel hopeful again. As the weeks passed, I felt calm enough to allow all kinds of buried emotions and memories bubble to the surface that needed to be felt and reflected on. Old hurts that had never healed, life failures and choices that left me feeling ashamed, and one abusive relationship that changed me in a way I wouldn't wish on anyone. I started to digest this pain slowly, cried often, and called my Mom almost everyday. But slowly, I started to feel stronger, and more at peace. I remember telling my counsellor that it felt like I was finally coming up for air. It was in that session, that I saw the bright yellow daffodil photographs that hung on his wall for the first time. I hadn't noticed them before. I literally couldn't SEE something that didn't match my own vibration/perspective. Sadly, I had to find a new counsellor eventually, as this special person passed away soon in our working together. It was a horrible jolt to work through at such an emotionally vulnerable time, but it cemented into place my drive to work through the pain of my past, and finally leave it behind me for good. I started thinking about the birthplaces of some of my destructive behaviours. At what point did I decide that alcohol would improve my life? Why had I been choosing to distract myself from my pain rather than work through it? 

A few months later, I decided to hire a life coach to start working towards creating a new future. My life coach, (or my fairy god mother, as I like to call her) first asked me to tell her what my life would look like if she had a magic wand and could create anything for me. Now this sounds simple enough, but in that moment I realized how long it had been since I had asked myself what I truly hoped for. I hadn't actually allowed myself to hope for a long time. At some point I felt like my dreams had been shattered by my life experiences, and I had been simply drifting along looking for something to ease the pain of that loss. My answer to her question surprised me by its simplicity, but also by the fact that it sounded possible. Simple ideas like self employment, freedom of expression, family, home, and community poured from my lips. I wasn't really asking for much, and these were my greatest desires! In many ways, I had already begun working towards this future. I just needed to keep that vision in focus and start running after it.

My life coach loaded me up with all kinds of tools to improve my life. Breathing exercises and positive affirmations to calm my body and mind, vision boards to start aiming at goals, and she showed me how to address emotional pain within my body. I felt silly sometimes doing these things because they seem too simple to be truly effective, but the truth is every one of them improved my state of mind, (literally the structure of my brain) and therefore the state of my life. I was surprised by how happiness was literally at my fingertips at all times. How little effort it took to simply brighten my own spirits instead of drowning them or waiting for something to do it for me. Often, if I struggled with something she would ask me "What would you choose to feel instead?". And the biggest miracle of all? When I changed, my life changed with me. Within the first year since asking for help: my career path has changed, I've lived in a different city for the first time in my life, my friendships flourished, and I now feel like my dreams are no longer far fetched or shattered, but actually achievable.

It can be hard to ask for help. And even harder to just stop the rat race just long enough to listen to that inner voice that is crying out for change. I had to hit bottom before I was ready to hear it. The first few steps can seem long and painful. I know I spent more than a few nights lying in my bed staring at the dark ceiling wondering when the pain would stop. But the amazing thing about time, is that it truly does heal. I would encourage anyone who feels like they need to start making changes in their life to start right now. Even if it's just taking one tiny step every day. I promise you that these steps will start to gain momentum. I never could have imagined how much my life would improve, and now look back at those years as "the dark time" in my life. I'll admit that I still battle with some of these emotional struggles and triggers. Some scars will take longer than others to heal. But I now know the most important thing is to not give up hope. We have the power to change our lives. And there are people out there who want to help us find our way, if only we are willing to ask. 

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When Real Life Becomes an Adventure Pt. 2, Standing Still in Moving Waters

This is part 2/2 of "When Real Life Becomes an Adventure" - To read part 1 of this blog post: Click Here

As life in my new BC home finally became normal, the days started to fly by. This being my first time living away from my hometown, I had this overwhelming feeling that I really wanted to make the most of my time, and didn't want to miss out on any of the invitations for adventure that were constantly happening around me. About two months in however, I came home one day feeling like I was running on fumes. I felt I had created unrealistic expectations for my experience and my exhaustion had me questioning my own motives for being out there in the first placeI felt I needed some time out and craved a place to recharge, but felt I had nowhere to go in the small town, yet crowded house I lived in. Out of options I found myself on the side of a highway calling home. The compassionate voices on the end of the line both welcomed me to come home if needed, but were supportive in my convictions to stick it out.

Living in a small community was very different than the city life I left behind. I loved the simplicity and the closeness I felt with the people around me, but found certain aspects were very challenging. I learned early on, that I really couldn't hide from who I was due to the close knit circumstances I lived in. I had to face myself in the reflections of my constant companions at every moment of every day, which was in stark contrast of living and working alone as I did in the months prior. My insecurities became far more apparent, which surprised me at first. The pressure I put on myself to have the "perfect" summer experience was exhausting and created a hypersensitivity in me that made regular day to day stresses seem barely tolerable. I knew this was unsustainable and something needed to change. I had chosen to be here, and needed to take responsibility for the role I had played in how I was feeling. Most importantly, I needed to remember that I had the power to create a more positive experience for myself.

I had always wanted to strike out on my own and live somewhere new, but now that I was here I realized I hadn't been approaching it in a genuine way. I spent most of my time worried about perfecting my photo work, and the rest chasing adventures with roommates instead of doing some of the things I had once hoped to do. I had really been looking for some peace, but found myself overstimulated and completely stressed out! It was as if I feared that allowing myself to walk to the beat of my own drum would somehow isolate me within my community. This ultimately placed my personal happiness in the hands of the people around me, and left me in a fragile state. Creating the experience I initially craved meant that I needed to honor who I was first, no matter how that might affect what was happening around me.

I went out to BC looking for an adventure of sorts. I was tired of the same old that came with my comfort zone. But I decided that maybe my adventure didn't need to leave me feeling so drained and outside myself. It didn't need to look like anyone else's idea of adventure either. I decided to slow down a bit. I started turning down connections and experiences that didn't really feel true to who I was, and started to focus on the things that made me the happiest. I remained open minded to new experiences, but when I really needed to I would make time for myself, often by taking my guitar to a beautiful lookout on a hill close by and playing my stresses away. In a few short weeks I felt my reality shift into a very different experience. One where I enjoyed my work more, handled stress better, had far deeper connections, and felt far more comfortable in my own skin. I also began to make new friends outside of my community, which continued to enrich my summer by leaps and bounds. All the external stress that seemed to be intolerable soon became mild irritations that I could easily take on by slowing down and trusting my instincts. I continued to practice deep breathing and affirmations when I felt myself getting overwhelmed. I started to realize I could feel right at home in any situation, as long as I mindfully respected the choices my heart wanted to make, and accept that not everyone would want to support me in those decisions. The happiness and comfort of others was simply not my responsibility. My happiness however, was. 

These days it seems when I hit one of life's speed bumps or detours, it's often because I haven't been honoring that inner voice that is trying to guide me. Which leads me to believe that self trust and self love is the most valuable thing a person can bring to the table. Our personal power seems to be rooted in our truth, no matter what chaos may be happening around us. When we start to honor and support ourselves, our power is far more attainable as we are not constantly draining ourselves trying to please others. We therefore have more energy to share with the people and causes that matter most. And although this commitment to ourselves may not guarantee acceptance by all of our daily audiences, we will surely create a far greater probability of being welcomed by the kinds of people that match our vibe and perspective. I know that the idea of self love, trust and acceptance is a lifelong commitment that will most certainly challenge us all from time to time. But I cannot deny that even with the small steps I personally took towards it, life seemed to open up into a far calmer flow. And I was so ready to step into it. It was a far better option that running away from myself, and therefore the parts of myself I was meant to share.

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Profile - Marylène Martin

When you first meet Mary, a raft guide, mixed martial artist, yogi, motorcyclist, firefighter in training, and soon to be stunt actor, you can't help but feel slightly intimidated. Not only is she accomplished, but she also seems to balance her strength and fearlessness with a soft feminine sensitivity and depth of intelligence that makes her even more impressive. At just 31, it's exciting to think of what other goals she'll surely crush over the course of her life. We had a blast shooting just outside of small town Lytton, BC before I departed back to Alberta. 

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Engaged - Ruz & Sheila

Once in awhile us photographers bear witness to something very real that makes us take pause. This kiss felt particularly magical to photograph. And I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful fall day. The sun was shining, and the leaves were just the right color. Ruz and Sheila got engaged last fall, and are planning a lovely summer 2017 wedding in Penticton. Congrats to this absolutely stunning couple!

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